Delight in a moment of bliss.
Let us take you to a place of healing,
together with the magnificent wilderness of Mount Yusaka and the gentle
flow of the Sukumo River.
With hot springs and relaxation, women will love this inn.

Hot spring

Non-Smoking (incl. electronic cigarettes)

Large communal bathLarge communal bath

Female’s bathHinoki buro Cypress barrel bath

Open-air bathFemale’s Open-air bath

Men and women’s baths that let you enjoy the magnificent
wilderness of Mount Yusaka and
the gentle flowing of the Sukumo River

Our large baths let you enjoy the magnificent wilderness of Mount Yusaka and the gentle flowing of the Sukumo River.
There is the spacious inner bath, as well as an open-air bath, sauna, and a Shigaraki-ware jacuzzi bath,
with its massage effect created through infrared radiation using boiled groundwater.


Men’s Bath 4F
Women’s Bath 2F
Women’s Bath 1F 6:00am-12:00pm/

How To Use
The Hot spring

  • STEP1


    Before entering the tub, please clean yourself off in the washing area.

  • STEP2


    Pour some of the bath water on yourself to allow your body to become accustomed to the temperature.

  • STEP3


    Slowly enter the bathtub.
    Do a "half-body bathing" style where you only enter up to the top of your abdomen. Do not put your towel into the bath water.

  • STEP4


    You can fully immerse your body as a for 'whole-body bathing', moving your limbs to stimulate circulation.

  • STEP5


    When you feel like you are beginning to sweat, exit the bathtub. To maintain the effects of the hot spring, you do not need to wash yourself off.

Using The Hot springs

When using the hot springs, we would like you to keep the following points in mind.

  • Please refrain from taking photos or videos.
  • Individuals with tattoos will be refused entry.
  • Please use etiquette and observe cleanliness when using the facilities and show courtesy to other guests.
  • Do not place towels in the bath and please wash yourself thoroughly before entering the bath.
  • Please refrain from entering the bath whilst the influence of alcohol.
  • Please refrain from entering the baths if you have any communicable disease.
  • For those who suffer from the following, we suggest that you refrain from using the baths as it may cause complications.
    Heart disease, lung disease, difficulty in inhaling, injuries or cuts, low blood pressure, pregnancy.




An authentic salon surrounded by nature for something you cannot experience in the city

At our original hotel spa, experienced staff massage away toxins from every part of the body using gentle strokes and oils containing natural,
plant-derived ingredients that change with the seasons.

Business hours Reservations required.3:00pm-11:00pm

Sample Menu

  • Body & Facial:
    100-minute course from 16,830 JPY
  • Body Treatment:
    60-minute course from 11,000 JPY
  • Facial Treatment:
    40-minute course from 8,580 JPY
  • Body Care:
    40-minute course from 5,830 JPY
  • Point Care:
    30-minute course from 3,740 JPY

Slope Car

Slope Car

We’ve installed slope cars so that guests in wheelchairs may use these services as well. The slope car connects the differing levels of the hot spring building, with the men’s bath (4F), the women’s bath (2F), and the women’s spa (1F).
This means anyone can move about with ease, without having to use the stairs.